Magnus-Hirschfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. Forschungsstelle zur Geschichte der Sexualwissenschaft

We have moved

Library and archive will remain closed until further notice
Bookshelves and boxes vergrößern
Relocation announcement (c) Matti Seithe (BMH)

Due to the move, the library and archive of the Magnus Hirschfeld Society will be closed indefinitely as of March 1, 2022. We will also be unable to process written/electronic inquiries. We will let you know here when we are ready to work again at the new location.

Last summer we were already informed that the building at Taubenstraße 1 was now to be refurbished inside for use by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and that all tenants would therefore have to move out by summer 2022.

After a long search, we have succeeded in finding suitable new and larger premises. As of March 18, 2022, our mailing address will be: Kluckstraße 38, 10785 Berlin. There you can also reach our rooms through the courtyard entrance of the company Möbel Hübner. They are located on the courtyard side of Genthiner Str. 35 – which is the back side of the Labor Court – and are also easily accessible during the day through the courtyard entrance at Magdeburger Platz 1. Our rooms are located on the mezzanine floor behind the loading ramp; unfortunately they are not accessible for wheelchair users. We still have to come up with something.

There will finally be room for the library from the Frankfurt Institute for Sexual Science, which Jan Philipp Reemtsma donated to us last year, and for the books we have acquired from Volkmar Sigusch’s collection.

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