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99 years of future for the Magnus Hirschfeld Society

99,000 euros for 99 years of future
Rollberghalle vergrößern
View of the Rollberghalle

Over the past 40 years, we have been able to build up an extensive library as a reconstruction of the lost library of the Institute for Sexual Science and collect important archive and estate holdings from the environment of the Institute of Magnus Hirschfeld. Now we have to tackle the long-term preservation of these for posterity. Remembering the saying “They’ll kill you on their own”, we have agreed with the Lesbian Archive Spinnboden and the Feminist Archive FFBIZ to set up a jointly used archive center. We will all remain independent, but will move to a shared location where we can use the reading room and archive infrastructure together.

Architect's design vergrößern
Architect's design
We have been offered a large, suitable space on the site of the former Kindl brewery’s “Vollgutlager” warehouse in Berlin-Neukölln. The SchwuZ has been located in the same building complex for many years. However, we have to develop the so-called “Rollberghalle” offered to us for our purposes at our own expense. We have applied for lottery funding and other funds for this and have already been offered some of them. The entire site currently belongs to the Swiss Edith Maryon Foundation. One of the foundation’s aims is to remove land from speculation and thus enable affordable rents. The foundation intends to transfer the heritable building right and the buildings to the future users for the usual 99 years. The numerous future users have organized themselves as a cooperative for this purpose.
Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science was destroyed after just 14 years. We hope to be able to preserve his scientific and cultural legacy for longer. The joint archive center with Spinnboden and FFBIZ offers a unique basis for this: the future heritable building right of Vollgut eG i. Gr. secures the location in the long term; and the space to be rented by us offers sufficient room for growth of the library and archive – while at the same time guaranteeing favorable rental prices.

99,000 euros for 99 years of future

The first hurdle for the joint archive center of the Magnus Hirschfeld Society, Spinnboden and FFBIZ has been cleared: The Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin approved the requested grant of just under one million euros at the beginning of July 2023. This approval will become effective if the Innovation Promotion Fund of the State of Berlin also provides the promised additional two million euros for the project in the 2024/25 state budget. We were told that this will be possible. This money will be needed and used for the expansion of the rooms allocated to us in the so-called Vollgutlager – the Rollberghalle.

Together with FFBIZ and Spinnboden, we have become a member of Vollgut eG, which was founded on September 1, 2023. The cooperative will acquire the heritable building right for the Vollgut site including the buildings and carry out the conversion for future users. As a basis for granting the necessary bank loans, all parties involved must provide an equity share, which is based on the area used in the future. A total of approx. 1,188 m2 is planned for the three archives; € 250 per m2 is estimated, of which we must provide a third – i.e. € 99,000.

It is possible to finance this equity – if it cannot be raised through donations – through so-called subordinated loans. We will be happy to provide further information on this. We are now looking for kind donors or equally kind people to grant us such a loan. We are therefore looking for 10 people to subscribe €9,900 each, or 20 people who are willing and able to donate or lend us €4,950 on a long-term basis. Kind supporters please fill out the declaration of intent under this link: and choose the Queer Archive Center as beneficiary.

Of course, all other donations are also very welcome – every euro helps! Please make donations to our own account at the Sozialbank: IBAN DE78 3702 0500 0003 3138 00 – BIC BFSWDE33BER or use our Paypal account at

Please check the common sponsoring campaign of the three archives at