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Magnus Hirschfeld’s Guest Book From Exile


During his exile from 1933-1935, Magnus Hirschfeld maintained a guest book, which wound its way into the Deutsche Literaturarchiv in Marbach

For years, Marita Keilson-Lauritz has worked to prepare an edition of Hirschfeld’s exile guestbook for publication. In the meantime, her work copy of the guestbook — exhibited several times in Berlin — is itself an exciting logbook of the search for Hirschfeld’s visitors. The list of people is not only a who’s-who of the European exile community during this period, that might inspire horror at the barbarism of exile or admiration at the famous names included. The entries establish Hirschfeld in his intellectual and cultural milieu, enable conclusions to be drawn on private and scientific connections, and are the starting point (and sometimes the key) for future research. Marita Keilson-Lauritz’ work will be completed and published by Hans Bergemann, Ralf Dose, and Kevin Dubout.